Collateral Management

Collateral Management comes in as our Best Appraisal Management Company and for many great reasons. They have a very professional and knowledgeable sales staff, great customer service and most important of all what we feel is the Best Appraisal Management Company. Collateral Management also offers multiple appraisal products so they are able to provide you the program that best fits your borrower’s situation. Past clients have had nothing but good things to say about their experience with Collateral Management’s program and their staff. Collateral Management’s staff was easy to get a hold of by phone or email and were very knowledgeable about a variety of AMC services, that are specific to each client’s situation.

State Coveragestarstarstarstarstar
Collateral Management provides access to appraisers in all 50 states. This is one of the most out of the top appraisal management companies we have reviewed.

Product Varietystarstarstarstarstar
Collateral Management offers both appraisals and review products. This is very important because they are not trying to fit everyone into one program. It also allows people to get a more balanced consultation for their unique situation.

Appraiser Satisfactionstarstarstarstarstar
Collateral Management has the most appraiser satisfaction rate out of the top appraisal management companies reviewed.

Product Costsstarstarstarstar
Under the Collateral Management programs, the appraisers and clients are both satisfied. Collateral Management respects the customary and resonable fee structure set for appraisers. The clients receive the most competitive market rates.
Industry Reputationstarstarstarstarstar
Collateral Management has an excellent reputation in the  AMC industry.
We found no complaints for Collateral Management.
Collateral Management
is an easy pick as #1 for the Best Appraisal Management Company  because of their proven results, outstanding customer service and affordability.

Benefits: • Service clients in 50 states • Offer multiple forms of appraisals to fit your specific situation


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